Why Bring Your Invitation On Your Wedding Day?

Bringing your wedding invitation suite along on your wedding is important. Whether you’ve invested in an extravagant wedding invitation suite or opted for simplicity, it’s highly recommended to have your photographer capture the details!.

Believe or not, the invitation plays a big role in the wedding because, let’s face it – if there is no invitation, no-one turns up.

The invitation is the first glimpse your guest gets into what the style of your wedding day is all about so showcasing it in all it’s glory in the bride’s detailed photos is important.

The paper texture, colour, print finishes, and embellishments all play a part in how the couple has come together to make important decisions about the wedding day vibe they are going for.

I love getting photos of the invitations I’ve designed, not just because I want to document what it looked like, I need the invitations to use them as the “Association Component” throughout the other detail shots.


When photographing the suite, include items in the flat lay such as

  • Jewellery like your rings, earrings or other significant item
  • Flower bouquet, or petals, leaves, ribbon
  • Part of your veil or dress fabric,
  • Personalised wax stamp, etc.

The shots you want to have in your wedding gallery are

  • a full shot (portrait and landscape)
  • closeup shot (names/date)
  • a side on shot
  • ultra-detailed shot that highlights the paper texture or print finish, like foil or letterpress.

Photographing your styling items in detail also makes the invitation the perfect backdrop!

I personally don’t like the look of shoes amongst the stationery, I feel that they are too ‘heavy’ – they can have their own separate shot.


Photos of your day of stationery items such as Welcome Sign, Table Seating Plan/Chart, Menus and Place Cards are also important items as it showcases the vibe and the all important styling of the day.

Extra special details like your vow booklets or personaslied confetti cones tossed & untossed are perfect photos to remember too.

HOT TIP – don’t let your menu cards be hidden under the napkin for these shots so that you can remember what you had planned for your 1st meal together as a married couple.

Remember to send your photos to your stationer. They are more than happy to @tag your photographer (free promo for them!) and any other vendors!

Happy planning!

xx Sam