When to send Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, wedding invitations go out eight weeks before the wedding. That gives guests plenty of time for your guests to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements if they don’t live in your local area. If it’s a destination wedding, give your guests more time and send out a Save the Date card out at least 10 months ahead of the wedding.

Wedding Invitations

A traditional wedding invitation suite includes the main invitation, gift card. a response card and any other cards containing helpful information for your guests (reception card, travel and accommodations card, etc).

How long before my wedding should I send out invitations?

Send your wedding invitations out 8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Who should receive a wedding invitation?

Everyone on your guest list.

How far before the wedding should the RSVP date be?

RSVPs should be due 4-6 weeks before the wedding.


What time should we put on our wedding invitations?

This can be a difficult one and from experience with many of my clients, the time you put down (eg 3pm) is the time your guest should already be seated awaiting your arrival – 10mins later. A good rule of thumb is to call the wedding for at least half an hour to 45 minutes before you want the ceremony to begin, and state that time on your invitation. It’s also important to be very intentional with what you plan to have guests do for that window of time before your ceremony starts.

If you want something for your guests to do before your arrival, then you can opt for a champagne tasting, guest book signing, crossword puzzle or a general meet and great time, this is a great way to fill in time intentionally and to be sure guests aren’t sitting down and waiting for too long.


What about invitations for international guests?

If you’re inviting overseas guests, send their invitations earlier, or a Save the Date so they can book accommodation and start to arrange their travel.

You will also want to have all of the information available on your wedding website (if you are doing one) as soon as save-the-dates are in the mail. Sure, it means you’ll have to start figuring out accommodation and transportation information sooner than you’d expected, but you’ll be happier in the long run. Those overseas guests will have all the information at their fingertips, and you’ll have even more crossed off of your to-do list.


Though save-the-date cards are not always necessary, they are a fun way to get your guests to mark their calendars. Also, they’re especially helpful when many of your guests have to make travel arrangements or if accommodations near the wedding are limited.


Who should get a save-the-date?

Only those who you’re planning on inviting to the wedding, of course.


When should I send save-the-dates?

10-12 months before the wedding.


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Happy planning!

xx Sam