Wedding Ceremony Checklist

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, there are so many pretty stationery items that you can have. Pinterest gives you a lot of ideas, allowing you to scroll through endless options, but when you have a budget to consider, yes, you do have a budget, what are the things that you really need?

Well it can depend on the style of wedding you are having and what vibe you are wanting you and your guests to feel.

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

  • Welcome Sign – These come in a variety of styles and although not highly necessary, really are a nice touch to show at the entrance of your ceremony, if for nothing else, to ensure that your guests are heading to the right place! Order yours today.
  • Choose a Seat Sign – These are ever so popular & have been for a while. ‘Choose a Seat Not a side, we are all family once the knot is tied”. Designed to compliment your wedding invitation, acrylic or chalkboard designs. Contact me for a price.
  • Unplugged Sign – These are ever so popular with the over sharing of weddings before the bride and groom get to enjoy the night. The Bride & Groom have spent money on hiring a professional photographer, please put your phones away and enjoy the moment. Designed to compliment your wedding invitation, acrylic or chalkboard designs
  • Order of Events Sign – These are a great idea if there is entertainment organised while you and your partner venture off for your photos. Champagne on the lawn, lawn games, music, etc
  • ‘Here Comes your Bride’ Sign – Oh these are so cute for the little ones to carry down the aisle. Designed to compliment your wedding invitation, acrylic or chalkboard designs. Contact me for a price.
  • Program / Order of Service – Mainly used for church-based ceremonies, these are also a nice idea to include in a beach or garden ceremony. These days they are not restricted to an A5 booklet format, they can be designed in a variety of ways such as a fan, DL card, confetti toss info sheet. Programs can include the general formalities, bridal party introductions, post-ceremony events etc. But why not have some fun with it & include a crossword, ‘how we met’ info, find a word or puzzle that can keep your guest entertained while they await your arrival. Order yours now.
  • Vow Card Pockets – A beautiful keepsake that keeps your wedding vows clean and safe before and after the big day. Order yours now.
  • Wedding Wands – Super cute to use for the flower girls and a few friends in a photo while you head back down the aisle together after saying your I dos.
  • Confetti Toss Cones – We do love these and highly recommend using recycled paper (although what isn’t these days), rose petals or even confetti leaves for the toss. These can be personalised for your wedding with your names, using them as a program or left plain. Check them out here.

Happy Planning!

xx Sam