Wedding Invitation Top Tips

There is a lot to think about when it comes to your wedding invitations, but try not to feel overwhelmed. As a professional invitation designer, I can help ease the concern with knowing the top tips for invitation planning an design.


  1. Start planning your wedding invitations 9 months before your wedding. Gather your ideas and start the designing process – the more time you have, the less stress you have.
  2. Your rsvp date should be approx 6 weeks before your wedding. This allows plenty of time to chase up the guests that haven’t RSVP’d & order any On The Day Stationery.
  3. You only need one invitation per couple or household. Address to ‘The Smith Family’, then the invitation can be printed with each individual name.
  4. Make sure you add your return address to your envelopes just in case a guest has moved OR you have the address wrong – you will get it back and can chase them up.
  5. The design and style of your invitation suite should reflect the vibe of your wedding day. A garden wedding doesn’t suite a blingy invitation.
  6. Just like with every other part of your wedding, you should have a stationery budget. Don’t be fooled by the prices given on wedding directories, some of them are just not realistic. If you want your invitations to be of a professional standard, then allow some wiggle room. Talk to me about your budget and ideas and we can come up with a design that suits both.
  7. The printing and production of your invitations vary in time depending on the style you’ve chosen. Need some help deciding when to order? I can give you guidance to the time frame you should allow for.
  8. Digital printing is by far the quickest and most budget-friendly option. Letterpress and foil is a specialised print process that not only requires additional time but is more expensive. However, the results far out way the additional cost!
  9. If you have the time and feeling crafty, then assembling your invitations gives them that extra special touch and can keep the cost down.
  10. Start requesting your guest addresses. This can often be the hardest and most time-consuming thing gather. Once you’ve decided on your final list, send out a request for the full address (yes that means suburb and postcode people!) By doing this task early on, you can submit it in full when you’re ready to order you invitations, rather than having to wait & hold up the printing process.
  11. Envelope liners are the perfect pop of colour for even the simplest of invitations.⁠ It’s a package surprise really! ⁠Hit your guests (not literally of course) with a beautiful design or colour pop for that instant WOW factor!⁠
  12. Add texture to your invitations by using various paper finishes such as linen, cotton, metallic or cotton. By using various paper finishes such as linen, cotton, metallic or cotton you add depth and style to your invitations.

Happy Planning!

xx Sam

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