Sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly

I work hard to design collections using materials and processes that heavily reduce or eliminate the impact of our work on the planet.

I love finding new paper and card stocks to work with from our suppliers all over the world. In doing so, I have worked to ensure that all stocks and materials are as environmentally friendly as possible and sourced from sustainably managed forestries or sources. I always source paper from FSC sources and are always striving to integrate recycled sources into my work wherever possible.

All wood fibre papers are FSC certified at the corresponding mills. This means the wood pulp used to manufacture the paper is sourced from forests that are managed in a responsible way and not old growth rain forests.

Some mills, like the Gmund paper mill in Germany go as far as recycling the water several times over and use wind power to run the mill.

So although not all paper is recycled, when you use paper, you can be sure you’re utilising a sustainable resource that’s in the top ten most recycled materials in the world.



Botany Naturaliste

Australian made, Botany is environmentally super-friendly in so many ways. It is 100% post-consumer waste recycled – providing a genuine recycled, industrial appearance whilst being extremely well priced.

* PCF – Post Chlorine Free – paper made from recycled fibre that’s not been re-bleached with any chlorine-based bleach.

Gmund Bio Cycle

Without doubt, our ethical Gmund Bio Cycle range is a solid choice if you want to prove that you are dedicated to the cause.

The innovative papers contain up to 50% alternative ingredients, augmented with fresh-fibre cellulose that’s always FSC® certified at Gmund. The collection also includes an ecological classic made from 100% recycled paper (Gmund Bio Cycle – Cycle).


With over 50% recycled pulp, this stock is a mystery. It’s a dream to work with and is smooth and perfect for all print processes, as well as giving crisp scores and folds in finishing. You’d never know it has such a high recycled content.

Eco Grande

Just like the Milkshake stock, this Japanese import is dreamy too. This premium paper contains over 40% post-consumer waste recycled pulp as well as over 10% sugarcane pulp. Beautiful colours and a matt finish make it an extremely popular range for all print processes, especially foiling.

Indie Handmade

Each sheet of paper is individually made by hand and is made from 100% recycled cotton rag, is acid-free, chlorine-free, bleach-free and archival. Made in India to our custom size specifications to fit Peterkin envelopes.


When choosing packaging, I need to know that the orders are going to arrive at their destination safely, as well as provide a gorgeous unboxing experience for my clients when their goods arrive. To meet these objectives, the delivery boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard, and good are wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging material (where possible), Hexcel Wrap (SFI certified), to protect them during transit

All of our packaging collateral, tissue paper and stickers are all printed on recycled or FSC certified stocks, and only kraft paper packing tape is used for your package, using ph neutral adhesive.  



I use carbon-neutral options, via Australia Post or Sendle (where possible) depending on the fastest method for your parcel to reach its destination.

I am always seeking to improve  offering and integrating more sustainable practices into my work. If you have any questions about my practices or have any feedback on how I can do better, please contact me at sam@pixelandink.com.au


Let’s work together to create something beautiful!