How to Entertain Kids at a Wedding

kids wedding activity packIf you are planning to have children at your wedding reception, whether it is your own, your nieces & nephews or guests children, we recommend having an activity or two to keep those little hands busy, even if it’s only for the entrées.

If possible set aside a separate table just for the kids where they can happily play with activity packs including table games and colouring. This can work wonders when it comes to keeping them occupied while the parents can blissfully sip on their champagne. 

Everyone wins!

Check out our activity ideas on our SHOP.

kids wedding activity packHERE ARE SOME MORE IDEAS

  1. Kids Activity Booklet
  2. Kids Place Mat Fun Games
  3. Disposable Camera Scavanger Hunt
  4. Tabletop Chalk
  5. Build some lego
  6. Life-size board games
  7. Kids only tent
  8. DIY Carnival Games
  9. Themed toy areas
  10. Cornhole
  11. Petting Zoo

Happy Planning!

xx Sam

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