Full Brand Design & Website

When Rebecca contacted me to discuss a new logo for her new law office that she was setting up, I was very excited as she wanted a design that encapsulated style, class and professionalism.

Once this was completed we then moved on to her stationery. Her business card features gold foil on 600gsm black card. Her letterhead also features gold foil as well as full-colour print that then matched in with her With Compliment Slips.

Now for the website!
With not much to work within the initial phase, as Rebecca was still working on her content, I went on to create a basic layout that would help Rebecca visualise her brand and what kind of content she would want to have on her site. This website, like most, can be built upon as the business grows, for now, it’s web presence is enough to get her started.
This was the result…
mckenzie law office logo
mckenzie law firm business cards
mcknezie law office stationery