Dos and Don’ts of Thank You Cards



  • Send your wedding thank you cards within the first three months after the wedding.
  • Send wedding thank you cards to everyone, not just those who gave you a gift. Not everyone can afford to give you a gift at your wedding, given that they may have paid a lot of money on travel and accommodation to attend your big day. Let people know that their attendance meant the world to you and you can even let those who couldn’t attend know that you were thinking about them!
  • Include details on your wedding thank you cards. If someone gave you a specific gift then make sure you mention it in your thank you note for a more personal touch.
  • Add a typed message to save some time but don’t forget to make your cards personal. Sign off your cards by hand and add mention of the specific gifts in your best penmanship.


  • Specify the amount of money given but DO mention how you are going to use it.
  • Forget to make a note of every card or gift that you receive to make writing wedding thank you cards easier.
  • Forget those who helped you plan the wedding, even if they couldn’t make it on the day!
  • Go it alone. Writing your wedding thank you cards should be a team effort with your new husband or wife. Share out the workload, letting each express their gratitude in their own way.

Happy Planning!

xx Sam