Confetti Cones

Let’s chat Confetti Cones.

Made of paper and available in many different ways & embellished with ribbon if you want that extra glam vibe.

Confetti inserts – Days of ‘rice’ is long gone & replaced with beautiful scents of dried flowers or leaves The larger and more colourful the better! Large dried petals are popular for this reason but big circles of punched-out tissue paper also look amazing! The smaller the confetti, the less it will show up in photos. It also has a tendency to fall faster whereas big petals will flutter and float for longer.

Styling – Confetti cones can be placed in a variety of containers, such as baskets, wooden crates, vases and boxes. You could also mix and match your confetti cones by choosing two different colours to complement your wedding theme.

Served – Traditionally, confetti is thrown just after the newlyweds say “I do”. It’s either thrown indoors or outdoors, as the couple walks down the aisle or as they leave the venue. Ask your venue for guidance on this, as they may not allow confetti to be thrown indoors or near the entrance to the venue.


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confetti cones black ribbon
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Happy planning!

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